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This a little about my travels



   I started off in construction doing small projects like replacement windows and vinyl siding. From there I moved up to remodels, kitchens and baths, then to small additions and adding a second-floor additions. Then I got into Log Homes, Custom Homes, from there came the 2008 crash of the economy. By 2010 everything was gone.

   So, I was left to start back from scratch, I decided to try a different way.  I went into Civil Construction letting someone else take the risk. My first project was being part of the Light Rail System, Nuclear Aircraft Pier, Tunnel Project, Parking Garage, Sewage Lift Station, Nuclear Weapons Bunker. This put me on the road traveling from Norfolk Virginia, to Washington DC, to Portsmouth Virginia, to Boise Idaho, to Dickinson North Dakota, then Great Falls Montana.


   All this travel has brought me to appreciate the beauty of the United States. When I left Montana, I planned a month ride down to Florida then worked my way across the lower United States to San Diego. From there rode Route 1 up the coast of California, then through Oregon then up to Washington and over to Boise Idaho to be with family. When I got there, I hung out and was looking for a job, but I could not do it. The road was calling me back, so I got back on the bike.


   I left there heading east to Connecticut to spend time with my family, then up Route 1 to a little town in the tip top of Maine called Madawaska. Since I started Civil Construction, I have ridden a motorcycle from east coast to west coast and from the Canadian Border to the Gulf of Mexico. I have ridden East Coast to West coast and back 10 times so far, up and down and all in between, except Alaska {it is still on the to do list}. All in total I have ridden over 300,000 miles on 4 different Harleys.


   I have been lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful things. I have captured sunrises and sunsets over places like the Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, and the beaches of Maui. Snow covered mountains like Crater Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, Beartooth Pass, and White Mountains. I have seen odd locations like Mono Lake, it is a saline lake in California, or brutal places like Death Valley. The United States is the most amazing place to live and see I will never see it all but I'm having a blast.


   Over my 6 years of travel I have documented my travels in pictures and videos. Most are landscapes, the others are just things I’ve liked, some cool, some funky, all have caught my eye and heart. I have compiled several different collections from across the country. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed compiling them. 

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